Red Flags

Below is a list of ‘Red Flags’ and key indicators of coercive high-control groups.

  1. Love bombing. Too friendly too quickly
  2. Charismatic leader – a person with “special super human qualities”
  3. Group is preoccupied with making money
  4. Utopian type of community
  5. Members encouraged to recruit
  6. Isolation-example: classes lasting 10-12 hours or retreat center with difficult access
  7. Rejection or shunning if member is not on board with it all
  8. A mission that is the focus of all the members
  9. Questions are discouraged or even punished
  10. Leader details the values of the group-what is right/wrong and what is good/bad
  11. Group is elitist, claims to know more
  12. There is an US vs THEM mentality. There is an outside world
  13. Leadership induces guilt in member in order to control
  14. Members are encouraged to spend a lot of time with the community
  15. Deception, secrets and lies supported by members to uphold the leader and organization as a whole
  16. If there is a problem, IT IS YOU- It is always you!!!!!!!