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Naomi Gibson is a writer, actor, producer and activist working in Los Angeles, CA.. She is a second generation survivor of the cult, The Children of God. For Naomi this journey has a been lifelong – having been born into a cult and finding herself immersed in another one as an adult. Through her experience in choosing to share her story and expose NXIVM, she has discovered the importance and power of finding her voice. Her journey has been toward stepping forward to expose these types of nefarious organizations, and the abuse and trauma inflicted by these groups.

“For most of history, anonymous was a woman.”

Virginia Woolf

Through speaking out and sharing her story, she has discovered that healing and recovery is possible. Naomi’s mission is to tell the world that every experience in NXIVM or any other cult or high control group matters, whatever form it took. Most people in NXIVM were either sexually abused, financially enslaved, or emotionally coerced. Whatever they went through, it takes years to deprogram and unlearn, even if there is no physical mark. In NXIVM, “Our brains were branded, with Keith Raniere’s philosophy, and that’s an invisible scar that never goes away.”

Naomi believes that coercive control is prevalent in businesses, schools, relationships, religious groups, self-help groups, families, friendships, and beyond. Her goal is to help bring this narrative into the world. Naomi is currently lobbying for legislation in the US that will assist prosecutors in being able to convict criminal cult leaders.

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