Your Voices

Welcome to a safe, carefully moderated world of testimonials from survivors of undue influence, or those who are trying to leave high control groups or coercive relationships. This is a space to share your story, or to comment on others’ stories and show your support. This platform is meant to assist people who have left, or who want to leave, cults. You may be thinking about leaving, but not able or ready to. Above all, we hope that reading others’ stories will help you gain the strength or perspective that you need to break away from a controlling group.

Please share your stories. We believe that recovering from cults or coercive relationships begins with speaking out and seeking support. Your post will be anonymous, however, you choose to share your name. Please remember to practice self-care if reading these stories is triggering to you. We are committed to making sure that everyone submitting and reading stories on this site feels safe.

You are not alone.