IFB Cult. Spiritual/Mental Abuse. Church & Family Corruption

My name is Matt Thomas and I need help. I have been vigorously harassed by a religious IFB cult. Last September my sister died of suicide but I believe that she was murdered and that her death was staged to look like a suicide. There are just way too many red flags that make me suspicious.  Just to name a few, she had recently  got a life insurance policy with her son as the beneficiary and shorty before her death, she told me that she thought she was being stalked. And then after her death, as I was still grieving, people  began stalking me and vigorously harassing me. Some of the people involved are family members and former coworkers who are all affiliated with the same religious group/cult. All of this was happening to me while I was feeling vulnerable and still trying to grieve. I was being followed by the same vehicles for weeks. I caught a member from this cult going through my trash. I caught 2 members from this cult trying to spy on me when I was at a motel. Someone wrote “fag” on my front door and I have been extremely harassed. I also found out that people affiliated with this cult had previously moved into my apartment building and were somehow hacking my devices . Some coworkers in this cult were also harassing me. All of this harassment  began right after my sister died and most of it  didn’t stop until my son was taken. My mom is also in this cult. I believe she is in on this scandal. I tried to tell her everything that was happening to me but she just said that I’m crazy and mental and even tried to force me into a facility.  But her and her cult were trying to drive me towards a mental breakdown with all of the harassment so that they could convince everyone that I was mental in order to cover up all their abuses and crimes and so they could get take my kid taken away from me. Because I allowed my mom to watch my 13 year old son a few days but she called the police & cps and lied to them and totally manipulated the situation. She told them that I was mentally unstable and she had my son flown  to my estranged wife in California who had also supposedly joined their cult. I didn’t even know that my son was taken until I went to her house to pick him up. And now I can’t talk to my son. I think charges should be filed against my mom for child abduction and harassment charges should be filed against this cult somehow. And I think my sisters death should be thoroughly investigated. I have been harassed so bad,  I had to move and even switch jobs over all this. They took my child away from me without my consent or knowledge. This has been a nightmare from hell. I need some help please. I have went to the police and to the prosecutor as well as to the FBI, ACLU, and different attorneys and journalists to try and get help and get my story out there but I keep getting the run around and know one seems to wanna help me or take me seriously. I don’t know what to do.

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