As a life long seeker, I have spent many years traveling to far corners of the globe to work with healers, gurus, and teachers in search of my clarity, my confidence, and my purpose- the GLORIOUS self that my granny saw in me. Often I felt lost, alone, and confused. At one point, I even found myself an unsuspecting member of NXIVM, a high demand organization (e.g., cult).

A Storm of Confusion and Coercive Control

Hi I’m Kelly Thiel. I live in the OC, I do pilates 3 days a week. I practice yoga (on and off the mat). I volunteer, I have been in part of the Young President’s Organization for 14 years, I graduated with honors from the University of San Diego. GO TOREROS!! I have been on quest for enlightenment through books and teachers. I got to meet and was blessed by his holiness the Dali Lama. Namaste! (Bowing with prayer hands). I have an amazingly supportive and successful husband who adores me and I have a four beautiful children whom I adore. And in 2016………….. I joined a cult.