Letter to CBS This Morning

Letter to CBS expressing my objection to their decision to give a platform to five NXIVM supporters, the segment aired September 29th on CBS This Morning. Their decision to allow these five devotees to claim the innocence and wrongful conviction of Keith Raniere, who was convicted of seven counts of federal crimes (including sex trafficking and child pornography, and who coerced women into branding their bodies with his initials) amounts to a blatant disregard for the American judicial system, and for human decency. Keith Raniere is in prison, convicted in Federal Court. Five other women were also convicted of federal crimes in connection with his criminal organization. Read more…

My Story: Not One but Two

My mission is to tell the world that every single experience of people who were in any cult, high control group be it NXIVM, or the Children of God matters, whatever form it takes. Most people in cults are either sexually abused, financially enslaved, or emotionally coerced. Whatever our experience was, it takes years to deprogram and unlearn, even if there is no physical mark.